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Didn't change much of the info- except where it say ':new:'

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I'm just a bit inconsistent when it comes to replying.


Name: Oliveria Jane Rulstein (Pronounced - Oli-vair-ria not Olive-riaaaa)
Alias: Olive | O.J.
Age: 15 - 16 years old
Height: 164cm (5ft 4.5’’)
Weight:  53kg (118lbs)
Birthday: October 11th
Nationality: Scottish
Ethnicity: Argentenian - Spanish
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 5th
 Wand Ingredients - 

   Core: Unicorn
   Length: 10 1/4
   Wood: Laurel
   Flexibility: Supple

Magical abilities and skills:
   Finite Incantatem - a general counter-spell

   Salvio Hexia - a protective spell against hexes
   Flame freezing -
Protects a subject from harm from fires 
   Stupefy - a charm that renders an opponent  unconscious and halt moving objects
   Oppugno -
Causes conjured objects or creatures to attack a victim.

After the events of her previous school year, Olive sought out a lot of help from her father in regards to her magical self control.

She has developed several exercises to prevent her temper from tapping into her magic however she has trouble keeping her fear out of magic and when startled and reacts ‘coldly’.

Her abilities to perform non-verbal magic remains to be her best skill as well as her ability to perform charms.

She is a defensive and disarming duelist that doesn’t know that many offensive spells. Her jinxes still have a habit of backfiring.

  Personality: :new:

Observant | Assertive | Protective | Sturdy | Temperamental | Sensible | Guarded | Loyal | Strong value of fidelity | Open-minded | Self conscious | Honest | | Studious | Ambitious | Resourceful | Challenge oriented

Like her fellow housemates, Oliveria embodies the classical trademarks of a Hufflepuff with her – in fairness and loyalty. She is a kind and caring young lady who’s proficient in the art of hard work and open-mindedness. She works hard to keep a composed and collect outward appearance in an attempt to look like someone you can put your trust in as well as look up to. She values her friendships ---ly, and will go to lengths to protect and secure the safety and happiness of the ones she cares about with all her power.  

To underestimate or imply that Oliveria is somewhat of a push over would be unfitting, and any individual who tries to prove otherwise will be left to face her wrath. Despite her possibly meek and vulnerable appearance, Oliveria possesses a  relatively confident aura to support her strong and assertive mind set. She’s known what it’s like to be pushed around and walked on top of and has made it her mission to never live such a lifestyle again. She spends a lot of time and energy building up her guard and keeping it in place, unwilling to ever let if fall, no matter how close you may seem to her. Not one to follow trends under heavy influences or pressure, Oliveria is has quite an independent streak, seeking to live a lifestyle where she is never indebt to anyone.  

Yet this is merely a goal for now as she’s rather sensitive to any signs of disregard towards her morals or against her sense of authority and consider them quite the blow to her ego. If one is intuitive enough, they may catch a glimpse of falters in her guard when provoked enough, and may see the more timid and unsure girl beneath. Oliveria fears what others think of her leaving her self conscious and need to resort back to her earlier people pleasing days to gain others support and reassurance.

Her control on her temper is still a work in progress as when she is confronted with a problem that affects her emotionally she will ignore the problem and deny-deny-deny if it’s brought to her attention by another in favor of keeping her composed look referring to the issue as ‘a bother or ‘unpleasant’.
She’s also prone to unpredictable mood swings, and becomes reclusive or dreamy in thought. At times like these it’s advised to not bother the badger, if one wishes not to be a victim of her icy undertones.


   Oliveria is the youngest daughter born to Charles and Melanie Rulstein of four children.

   Prior to attending Hogwarts, Oliveria lived in a wizarding community within the muggle world cloaked from muggles to look like residential homes for corporate businesses. Their little community consisted of mostly old fashioned pure-bloods who were integrating into the muggle-world through marriage  but could not live cut off from the wizarding world. The community housed a majority of half-bloods who could find a slice of their previous and new life in one area together.

In 2003, Oliveria attended Belmont house school in Scotland with her elder sister Eva, as a back up plan considering the girl had yet to show any magical abilities so far and with four children it was hard to tell who preformed what magic. Oliveria spent the majority of her childhood in Scotland with her parents and made lots of muggle friends whom she fit in with quite well before her magical abilities began to show.

Discovery of being a witch
ne day a little after Oliveria’s ninth birthday, she became very ill and no matter what her parents did they couldn’t seem to get her to feel better. Strange things started to happen during this time, like things going missing and sudden problems with the house like continues purple water leaks and the electricity going off. The house began to have erratic changing scents varying from citrus to wet wood, their owls didn’t stay by their house so they weren’t able to receive or send any mail and the temperature seemed to change according to how Oliveria felt.
At first they were uncertain about what was happening and then, once Oliveria began to get better and the problems slowly started disappearing they realized that it was her doing and that she was a witch.

   Oliveria went through lots of training with her father to make sure her magical abilities could be controlled. Her magic always seemed to flow with her mood, and despite being young, her father could foresee that this would remain a challenge for quite some time in her future.

Forget me not moment
ne particular incident that’s left a scar over Oliveria and her family was during the summer of ’08.

Though Oliveria asked her elder sister to join, the girl refused, claiming to be tired of her younger siblings company, leaving her and her younger brothers to travel alone, the trio traveled outside of their cabin to play out in the residential park. Without supervision, the three unwittingly played too close to the road and as chance would have it, a car traveling too fast came out of no where with little control. With Aindreas standing in the middle of the path of an oncoming car, Oliveria panicked and accidently cast something similar to a freezing charm on the road and car tires. As a result the car lost control and missed Aindreas, however it barreled towards herself and her youngest brother Peter and the two didn’t evade in time.

The damage of the cars debris left Oliveria in painful state, with burns on her back and a piece of the car door weighing on her legs. These injuries were quite minor and the driver was left unharmed, however being in the shocked state she was, Oliveria howled in agony for help and her tantrum ended up overheating the car and exploding it. Luckily Aindreas and the driver were far enough from it that they were only shoved backwards from the force of the explosion. 

The trip to Diagon Alley
liveria went to Diagon alley with her mother and sister to go shopping for her first year of school in 2009. The wand that chose her was 10 and ¾ inches long made from --- wood and had unicorn hair as its core. It is there where she met her first few friends and later enemies.

Sorting and new friends
liveria was one of the few whose sorting resulted in a hate stall between slytherin and hufflepuff. She was quick witted and deceitful with a thirst for control, however after searching deep into her mind and heart, the hat found her resolved to be a very kind and gentle person for those around her to trust and come to her if need be. It also considered her comfort her loyalty and ability to be goal oriented tipped the scale into hufflepuff territory.    

Through her first few school years Oliveria kept her head very low and remained timid and independant. She worked within the confinement of her housemates and didn't venture far away from what few friends she made. Since her sister was also in school at the time, Oliveria felt uncomfortable being within close proximity to the witch, having gotten used to her absense. Her sister was not the same girl she was when they were together at home. This new young lady was harsh and unfamiliar to her little sister, wanting not to be seen or bothered by her. She also felt uncomfortable by associating with her bratty baby sister who always whinned for her attention. Eva was a ace student who made both prefect of slytherin and head girl through her last two years, making her very busy. Too busy and reluctant to cater to Oliveria, thus Oliveria in return sought to make herself as different from her sister as possible in an attempt to avoid her annoying elders comparisons between the two.

She was not very popular among her year group and easy to ignore, however during her third year after the graduation of Eva, Oliveria began to relax and finally find a sense of peace in being herself. So that year she made an effort to be more outgoing and in the end made an exceptional amount of good friends, making her relax a bit more into the Hogwarts environment.

Over that time, Olive developed a protective streak towards her housemates, as she was eternally grateful for their endless compassion and ability to see great things in her. She has the highest respect for most of them, and becomes angry when people try to step all over them.


Charles Rulstein (Father): age 41 | Slytherin Alumnus | Potioneer | Pure-blood

Arturo Ortiz (Paternal - Uncle): age 30 | Beauxbâtons Academy Alumnus | Herbology Proffessor of Hogwarts | Pure-blood

Melanie Draught (Mother): age 41 | House-wife | Squib

Eva (older sister): age 20 | Slytherin alumna | Estranged | Half-blood

Andréas (Younger brother): age 13 | Third year Gryffindor student | Prankster (Annoying little shit) | Half-blood

Peter (Youngest brother): age 11 | First year Slytherin student | Half-blood

Likes & Dislikes:

:bulletgreen: Sugar cookies | Hockey-Hockey-Hockey | Easy conversation | Talking with ghosts | The cold (Yeah somehow she's rather cold blooded so cold days don't faze her) | A good laugh (good humor - not pranks) | Getting even | Attention

:bulletred: Being ignored | Being considered the 'damesel' | Irresponsible people and behavior | Hunger pains | People who harass her companions | Vague gestures and responces | Road transportation | Fire or excesive heat and high temperatures

Relationship List

Elective Classes:
   Study of Ancient Runes

Extra Curricular:
Hogwarts orchestra


:thumb id="451119947":-:thumb id="426766545":-:thumb id="426766613":

   - Plays the Flute and Clarinet for almost nine years. Flute is her specialty.
   - Has a huge appetite
   - Allergic to crayfish
   - Bi-lingual. English is her mother tongue but her father speaks spanish. She only knows and English fluently
   - Plays muggle sports when she's at home and is a football player (right defence) as well as a summer camp counselor (:iconlaughsplz:)

I own this character

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