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Ib App: Oliveria Rulstein [Updated] by Epic-ErikaPhobia Ib App: Oliveria Rulstein [Updated] by Epic-ErikaPhobia

[8/5/14: Formatting & InfoCleaned it up a bit, got all the relationships all nice. A bit of the info was changed so it's a current reflection of herself.
[8/5/14: Modified Relationships & family - Added Arturo Ortiz in family category. Modified a few friends relationship status accordingly]
[26/4/14: Added Relationships]
[28/3/14: Tiny revamp - Changed the style because semi-realism is getting on my nerves.. And I really wanted to anime-tize her face!]

Thank you for accepting me into the wonderful :iconillegibilus: and I hope you guys like little Oliveria here. o//

Name: Oliveria Jane Rulstein
Alias: Olive, O.J.
Age: 15
Gender:  Female
Height: 152.4cm (5ft)
Weight:  51kg (112lbs)
Birthday: October 11th
Nationality: Scottish – Argentinian
House:  Hufflepuff
Year: 4th
 Wand Ingredients - 

   Core: Unicorn
   Length: 10 3/4
   Wood: Cedar
   Flexibility: Stiff

Magical abilities and skills:
   Finite Incantatem - a general counter-spell
   Expelliarmus - a disarming spell
   Salvio Hexia - a protective spell against hexes
   Stupefy - a charm that renders an opponent  unconsious and halt moving objects

Oliveria is pretty good when it comes to non-verbal magic often exceeding at charms and potions. She has trouble performing dark magic and jinxes as they tend to backfire on her despite the fact that she tried hard.

Oliveria also posses a great aura about her that she learned to create by her father. This aura is actually a small shield that she uses to keep her emotions out of her magic, however when it breaks she tends to affect her surroundings with strange temperature changes and unpleasant feelings.

Stubborn | Caring | Observant | Cheeky | Organized | Weary | Protective | Sturdy | Loyal | Hard working | Resourceful | Ambitious | Determined | Tolerant (to a degree) | Compulsive

Olive has the natural born traits of a Slytherin- She is an ambitious individual who likes having control over situations. She considers herself to be the voice of reason and stands for justice, however her ideas of justice are usually hers alone. She is no stranger to lying when she feels she’s being cornered. This was natural for her since she had grown up in a Slytherin based household – however there was always something different about her.

She had been made painfully aware of what type of person she is since a young age, and found that she was rather sensitive when people pointed out that she could be nasty. Even her own mother, having been the most patient warm-hearted woman of the entire household, had said so much in passing. Wanting to never hear those words again, Olive has done everything in her power to try and changer herself into someone people might appreciate. 

Despite seeming like a tough cookie on the outside, Olive is actually quite simple minded and very childish. She enjoys the simplest things like chit-chat and simply eating with friendly company. She is a compulsive person, often acting out on every thought which leads to unnecessary conflict – something that she continuously strives to deal with.

Her thirst for control refers deeper than just over others. She seeks control over herself as she in particular is not magic savvy. Her magical abilities often mold around her feelings and can sometimes project itself in strange ways. Because of this she has built a wall of fake composure and resistance

This is not to say that Olive can't be trusted or isn't kind. She is in fact, someone who will go to lengths to protect and secure others safety and happiness with all her power. However there are steps that must be taken in order to 'earn' her respect and trust, and these steps are relatively high in standards.

Her mind is set on being a well trusted individual, as she thrives for a title that will prove to others and to herself once and for all that not everything is set in stone, that she is not just like her sister or her father and that she is a true hufflepuff.


   Oliveria is the second child born to Charles and Melanie Rulstein (née Draught), of four children. She had an elder sister, Eva -who attended Hogwarts three years prior to her- and two younger brothers, Aindreas and Peter.


   Prior to attending Hogwarts, Oliveria lived in a wizarding community in the muggle world. It was cloaked, from muggles, to look like residential homes for corporate businesses. In 2009, Oliveria attended Belmont House School in Scotland with her elder sister Eva. Their mother Melanie had convinced her husband that it was best that they get at least a small education before going to Hogwarts, also out of fear that her children wouldn’t be magical like herself.
Oliveria spent a lot of her time playing with Andreas, and was identified as (from being born per-mature) small. Her parents often worried about her physique and wondered if she would be the child that wouldn’t be magical. They watched her carefully for any magical happenings, but all were very subtle and with four young children around it was hard to tell who did what. Oliveria was often responsible with her siblings, taking good care of her brothers. Because of her small physique she often wore hand me downs from her elder sister Eva or her younger brother Andréas. She and Eva were also the butt of many of his experimental pranks and jinxes.

   When Oliveria was eight, she and her sister Eva went down to their local creek to play around and collect tadpoles for their father. It’s there that they met Miriam, a loud and sneaky, boastful girl who lived on the other side of the creek. The two became very close friends. Oliveria took to Miriam very easily and confided in her a lot. However over time she came to dislike the girls constant prideful bursts of disdain for things dubbed 'beneath her'. She was spoiled girl whom Olive had no energy to tolerate as she already dealt with that type of attitude with her own elder sister and didn't want her her brothers to turn be influenced by that sort of thing either. The relationship became rocky and Olive ended it as softly and peacefully as she could, though the outcome took the term for the worst. Miriam took it personally, as Olive was her only true friend and began to loath her for her 'betrayal'. She made Olive's life rather uncomfortable to a point where even Eva had to step in and protect her, but Olive would never forget the everyday nagging that everything was her fault for not being strong enough to cope.


Discovery of being a witch
ne day on a little before Oliverias’ ninth birthday, she became very ill and no matter what her parents did they couldn’t seem to get her to feel better. Strange things started to happen during this time, like things going missing and sudden problems with the house like continues purple water leaks and the electricity going off. The house began to have erratic changing scents varying from citrus to wet wood, their owls didn’t stay by their house so they weren’t able to receive or send any mail and the temperature seemed to change according to how Oliveria felt.
At first they were uncertain about what was happening and then, once Oliveria began to get better and the problems slowly started disappearing they realized that it was her doing and that she was a witch.

   Oliveria went through lots of training with her father to make sure her magical abilities could be controlled. Her magic always seemed to flow with her mood, and despite being young, her father could foresee that this would remain a challenge for quite some time in her future. She would often use her magic for the purpose of played with Andréas and her new baby brother Peter to help entertain them but soon stopped when her sister warned her that underage wizardry was illegal and could result in a trip to Azkaban.


The trip to Diagon Alley

   Oliveria went to Diagon alley with her mother and sister to go shopping for her first year of school in 2011. She bought a ginger cat, which she named Patterson, her school equipment and her first wand . The wand that chose her was 10 and ¾ inches long made from Alder wood and had unicorn hair as its core. It is there where she met her “soon-to-be-best-friend” Terrance Webber, who was also there to purchase a wand. He was shopping alone in Diagon Alley and Oliveria offered to help him purchase all of his things since she was finished. In return, Terrance treated her to lunch and introduced her to Corey Martenot. The three exchanged stories on what it was like for them to discover their powers. As Corey was a muggle born, his mother was a tad bit scared and reluctant to send him off to Hogwarts, a school she could not see or talk about and after doing some research about the magical world she also began to worry about the dark types of magic. Terrance explained that he was a half-blood and his parents were inventors. He told them that even he was a bit surprised to get a letter from Hogwarts as he had suspected he would attend another school because he lives a little further than most people. They agreed to meet up again at platform 9 and 3/4s and would introduce their families to one another.

Sorting and new friends

   Originally the hat had intentions of sorting her into the Slytherin house. She was quick witted and deceitful with a thirst for control, however after searching deep into her mind, the hat found her resolved to be a very kind and gentle person for those around her to trust and come to her if need be. Her loyalty and ability to be goal oriented tipped the scale into hufflepuff territory.    
Olive did not make an effort to make any more friends during her first and second year as she clung to  few friends very tightly and became bitter at any suggestions to do otherwise. Because of this she was not very popular among her year group and easy to ignore, however during her third year she found that being by herself most of the time was really pathetic considering that there were lots of people to befriend. So that year she made an effort to be more outgoing and in the end made an exceptional amount of good friends, making her relax a bit more into the Hogwarts environment.

Over that time, Olive developed a protective streak towards her housemates, as she was eternally grateful for their endless compassion and ability to see great things in her. She has the highest respect for most of her housemates, and becomes angry when people try to step all over them.


Family Lineage

Charles Rulstein (Father): age 43 | Slytherin Alumni | Potioneer | Pure-blood

Arturo Ortiz (Uncle): age 29 | Beauxbâtons Academy Alumni | Herbology Proffessor of Hogwarts | Pure-blood

Melanie Draught (Mother): age 41 | House-wife | Squib

Eva (older sister): age 19 | Slytherin alumni | Currently unemployed and traveling with boyfriend to god only knows where | Half-blood

Andréas (Younger brother):
(age 12 | Gryffindor student | Prankster
(Annoying little shit) | Half-blood

Peter (Youngest brother): age 10 | Current resident at St. Mungo's Hospital, fourth floor after his magic got out of hand after a car accident when he was 5 | Half-blood

Likes & Dislikes::new:

+ Sugar cookies
+ Quiet time
+ People who appreciate charms
+ Talking with ghosts
+ The cold (Yeah somehow she's rather cold blooded so cold days don't faze her)
+ A good laugh (good humor - not pranks)
+ Getting even
+ Kindness exhibited to those around her.

- Uncalled for harassment of her housemates (No. No. NO! Don't do it, she'll smack you.)
- Shoes with shoe strings on them (She cannot tie her shoelaces.)
- Vague gestures and responses (Seriously, be straight forward! You're wasting precious time)

- Cars, buses, road transport Nope- Subway or floo powder please.
- People who can beat her in competitions with ease
- Greasy hair (Just no. Ew. Wash that shit out. Now!)

- Her hunger pains
- Shameless flirtation (*cough* Tio *cough*)

Relationship List

Elective Classes:

Extra Curricular:
   Hogwarts orchestra


:thumb451119947: - :thumb426766545: - :thumb426766613:

   - Plays the Flute and Clarinet for almost nine years. Flute is her specialty.
   - Has a huge appetite
   - Only made it into the hufflepuff house by one character trait over the Slytherin house.
   - Multi lingual. English is her mother tongue but her parents are from two different places speaking a language each.
   - If you can cook she'll love you forever. If you offer her food she'll marry you.

I own this character
Rps via Notes | Skype |G-docs whatever works for you really.
I'm just a bit inconsistent when it comes to replying.

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