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Not a Mary sue - stamp by Angi-Shy

First critic on a stamp!
Here goes! :D

Firstly, it's great to see an anti-mary sue stamp however from what I've read from your description, it seemed like you were saying that a mary sue is all about style. You kept mixing an edit as if it's the same as a mary sue.(same type of clothes, same type of hair not changing etc etc).
An edit is an edit, plain and simple.
So this part is incorrect!

It's more about the type of personality. I haven't seen any of your characters, so I have no idea what people say about them. But are they;
- overly happy and everybody loves her?
- angst and everybody loves her?
- in love with the main character and he shows major OOC in showing his feelings towards her?
Those are the few traits of a mary sue. Maybe those people making toff* about you picture were just trolling.
Especially if they class your character as a sue just by looking at it!
To be honest appearance has very very...very little to do with a mary sue...

Also you lost me a bit when you brought up the envy part. You don't have to be a genius to spot something unoriginal just as you don't have to be a master at all arts and crafts to write a critic. Anyone can tell when one eye is bigger than the other or something is just plain off, so that part seemed a little insulting as I've given critics on art before, at a time when I had only 2 works of art in my gallery. :(
A bit stereotypical as well.. like saying "if someone has less art and less skill than you don't listen to them," which I highly doubt you're trying to say!

*toff, I'm not sure if I spelled that right (i'm not english) but it basically mean BSing over something little.

Don't mind the ratings please... ^^;
I'm not sure how to rate a stamp :P
The Artist thought this was FAIR
22 out of 22 deviants thought this was fair.


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